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M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS
M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS

M1 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Headphone Android IOS

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M1 AI Smart Watch For Women Men With Bluetooth Headphone Hate Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Sport SmartWatch Android IOS


1.Dynamic Heart rate ;Sleep Monitoring ;Blood Pressure Monitoring; 2..Smart Alarm ; Long-sitting ; Message;Long standby; Find the bracelet; 3.Pedometer:Steps, Calorie, Distance 4.Reminders: Incoming call name 5.Notification Support: Incoming Call, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Email notifications 6.Bluetooth headphone function:Answer the call,Listening to music. 7.Compatible system:Android ,IOS


1, Smart bracelet plus TWS Bluetooth headset, 2 in 1, new, practical, easy to carry, cool. ,
2, Smart bracelet with 24-hour accurate heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sports step, mileage, consumption, sedentary reminder, sleep record, message reminder, shake a photo and other functions.
3, TWS Bluetooth headset, ergonomic long wear painless, built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, HIFI level HD sound quality, touch sensor, for Siri voice wake up.
4, The bracelet APP supports multi-language, magnetic charging, safe charging, stable charging, non-destructive charging excuses, no damage to the built-in battery.
5, The appearance of finely crafted, professional craftsmanship, using 0.96TFT color display and leather strap, surface paint, not easy to scratch, three colors, any choice.


Product size: about L*W*H=250MM*22mm*12mm/9.84*0.87*0.47in
Display size: 0.96" TFT (color screen)
Resolution: 160*80
Touch screen type: single touch
Waterproof: IP67 (life waterproof)
Battery: polymer lithium battery
Bracelet battery capacity: 3.7V/130mAh
Headphone battery capacity: 3.7V/35MAH
Features: Calories, camera remote control, BT call, BT music player, time synchronization, call history (answer and recall the last one), anti-lost, redial, sleep monitoring, step counting, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, support for SIRI, information Push: "Gmail, CNN APP, AKERLINE, Facebook, Instugrate, Facebook Message QQ, V Message, / WeChat / 360")
APP name: AMkang/KakaFit
Language: Support for multiple languages

System hardware parameters:

Handset Bluetooth chip: MCUBE/MX1001
Heart rate blood pressure chip: Tianyihexin/ HRS3300
Bluetooth earphone Chip: Ruiyu RTL 8763BFR
Random access memory: RAM (512KB+16KB)
Earphone Speaker: Built-in (Ø6MM 8Ω/0.7W speaker x 1)
Earphone microphone: built-in
Acceleration sensor: built-in
Bluetooth: 5.0
USB interface: data transfer (via app)
Charger interface: Micro USB
Charging method: Micro USB Turn Magnetic suction charge
Charging time: About 1.5H
Life time: Talk for 3 hours/ Normal use for 7 days/ standby for 15 days


1* charging cable

1* smart bracelet

2* earphones

1* instruction manual

尺寸 L:W:H=250mm:22mm:12mm
重量 32.1g 
显示屏尺寸 0.96寸 (彩屏)
分辨率 160*80
触摸屏类型 触摸屏
电池类型 高分子锂电池
手环电池容量 3.7V/130mAh
蓝牙耳机电池容量 3.7V/35MAh
手环芯片 MCUBE/MX1001
心率血压芯片 天易合心/HRS3300
蓝牙耳机芯片 睿昱 RTL 8763BFR
存储 512KB RAM+16KB ROM
喇叭 支持
加速度传感器 支持
蓝牙 蓝牙5.0
防水等级 生活防水(洗车,游泳等不建议穿戴,以防损坏手环)
功能支持 听音乐,睡眠,计步,心率,血压,闹钟提醒,智能手机信息提醒等
语言 中文,英文,其他语言;
APP AMkang/KakaFit

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